Love Is In The Air

Even in 2021 during a whole pandemic, we can hope to find love. If anyone disagrees then they are plainly not looking on dating sites! YES, dating sites! During the pandemic many of people have turned to dating sites as the go to place for "Socializing". Why, you ask?  because Instagram, Facebook, and Tik-Tok have become saturated with marketing schemes and BOTS! Too many personalities and not even spirituality for me.

My friends have went online dating before the pandemic due to scheduling conflicts with face to face dating, but taking this course right now, wouldn't be so bad. The pandemic has some of us self-caring and self-loving, and for those of you who have already ascended to that enlightened higher self; then, its time to MINGLE! 

Take a few moments to think about it, so many people have the time on their hands now because so many people are unemployed. Yes that could be conflicting for those women whom require a man to have a daily 9-5, but in todays economy entrepreneur's are making more income then some of those whom have salaries (check please!). This means that your mate has the time to learn you and love you, because that matters in anything that's going to sustain a lifetime let alone this pandemic, lol. 

Millions of people are fighting for a chance to have the right companionship, and millions of people are searching for love right now...what's the coincidence you end up meeting your soulmate? In times like this where millions of people are dying globally we should be grateful to have a kindred soul to reciprocate the love we truly deserve. 



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