HH&P 2021 Initiatives

HipHop & Politics Inc. has had many of initiatives time and time before, but this time we want to make a goal that we can actually meet! During the 2020 pandemic we attempted to launch our merchandise line in March, during a time when our PoliThinkers we losing jobs, homes, and facing hardships; which, may have had them losing a sense of their everyday reality, just as we were. So we came back to the drawing board but didn't stop at just cutting down our merchandise pricing, our or U.S.A. suppliers, or slashing our POS cost directly to the consumer. NO. We began re-educating our everyday PoliThinker in regards to the economy, job market, business, and community resources that we the people need in order to make it through these difficult times. These are the principals our company started on and we wont deter from them. More education and discussion, more building, more community work. Our virtual hand to yours.

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